Welcome to my personal website!

This is a place where I can showcase some of the projects that I have done.

Site News:

New Content!
I have added a new page form my home automation, and also a new page for my current simulator project. I have also added a cool CSS Dropdown menu because I was running out of nav bar space.
New Christmas lights videos!
I have finally finished editing and have uploaded current videos for the Christmas lights page. I am also working on another rewrite to the layout of the site. This time I am creating a templating system so that future upgrades to the layout only require editing of one file.
More Website Updates!
I have done a complete rewrite of the layout for the site. The layout is now fluid! flex box is awesome!
Website Update!
Added Two new pages to the site: SFX Setup Builder and Miscellaneous Projects.
Christmas Lights Update!
Did a complete redesign of the Christmas lights page. I also added some new videos and a great picture from this seasons show (taken by my brother Troy).
More Stuff!
I finally got the full Smoke & Mirrors movie up! I've been meaning to do it for years. Lately I have had the urge to play with my site a lot and have made a lot of improvements to the HTML of the site. Jon's planet has finally been sprited!
Adding a few things...
I am adding and updating a few things on the site. Not much has been going on lately but I am still here.
It's been a while...
Well, my last web host went out of business so I had to switch over to a new one. Just a little more tweaking and I should have things back to normal.
Doing a few updates to the site (mainly about and computers pages). Hopefully I will get the deck project page up too.
Beginning 2010 Setup
Starting to work on this year's Christmas light show. Hopefully this will be the best one yet! Adding another controller and hopefully some leaping arches!
All done for this year.
Well for this year the Christmas lights are all done. All the rain today tripped the GFI's on the worst night possible. I didn't get much of a show done this year cause i was really busy. I also changed controllers so i couldn't just play the song from last year. Hopefully next year will be better.
Almost ready!
Well after ordering the wrong parts, accidentally building a controller to the old design, and three days of soldering, I think the shows almost ready.
Website Update!
I am updating a few things on my web page and getting ready for this Christmas season!
Christmas Lights Update!
Added another Christmas lights video.
Christmas Lights Update!
Finally got a video from this year's Christmas lights up.
Website Update!
New site design!
Christmas Lights Update!
Christmas lights all done for the 2009 season (new 64 ch dimming controller ready for next year).