DIY Home Automation

Arduino + Raspberry PI =

This whole project started out when my friend got into a bad habit of forgetting to turn off his pool pump at night. After his electricity bill doubled, he asked me if we could figure out a solution. Originally we considered a simple timer, but then I got the idea that we can make a device that does more than just that. I was just starting to play around with an arduino at the time so that is what I decided to use to as the base for the pool pump controller.

As the pool pump controller evolved, I needed a way to view and control the device I was creating. I started with a simple html file that was copied onto my phone and then loaded in a web browser. This worked for a little while, but soon I realized there were too many restrictions. I was also having issues while trying to use it on different devices. I had herd people talking about the raspberry pi and decided to try and use it as a server to host my html file.

And that is how my home automation system started. A raspberry pi that hosts the main interface for the system, as well as doing other tasks like logging, authentication, and system alerts. I then use several arduinos, connected to the raspberry pi through Ethernet, to control various things throughout the house.

I have pictures and more information that I will be updating this page with in the near future.