SFX Setup Builder screenshot

SFX Setup Builder is a piece of software that I wrote using AutoIt to quickly bundle setup applications with external files into an SFX (Self-extracting archive) package.

How to Use

  1. Select your source files. The files can be located in a directory and will be zipped into a 7z file automatically, or you may select a pre made 7z file. The application you would like to automatically run after the SFX is extracted, must be renamed to setup.exe and must be in the root of the directory or 7z file.
  2. Select an icon. You can use the icon from setup.exe within your source files, the default icon in the SFX module, or specify an icon file.
  3. Select an SFX script. You can use the included basic script, or you can create and select your own. The built in script has a basic extraction progress window, and extracts files to a temp folder and runs setup.exe. See the 7z documentation and here for more information on creating SFX scripts.
  4. Select an SFX module. You can use the included SFX module (more info here) or you can select your own SFX module.
  5. Click the build button. After the process has completed a dialog will popup asking you where to save the built SFX.